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Coming soon…

“Lady writer on the TV,

she had another quality,

the way you used to look

and I know you’ve never read a book”

Lady Writer, Dire Straits

Coming soon… what you all were expecting: My Twilight review!

Yes, I know, the sequel, New Moon is now on cinemas, and, though I’ll be watching it (my girlfriend wants to, and, hey, I want to watch it to criticize it mercilessly!), I won’t be talking about it until I have.

Well, I will say one thing: WAXED WEREWOLVES? C’mon! What will be next? Vampires that don’t get burned when exposed to sunlight? Oh, wait, we ALREADY have seen that. On Twilight! Man, this is gonna be good.

What? You want a preview of my review? Ok, here it is:

Here’s what I think about Twilight

Yes, I know. Lots of people want to kill me right now. But, hey, I’m used to it.



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