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Jungle is closed: A farewell from Javi & Mr. Paws

“So don’t cry for me, for I’m goin’ away
and I’ll be back some lucky day”

Lucky Day, Tom Waits
Hi, everybody. This is Javi writing. As you know, this blog was intended to be just homework for the English lessons. We had to write 4000 words on the first semester and other 4000 on the second one. With my last update, the He Was a Quiet Man review, I’ve reached (and gone over) that number. So, I don’t think I’ll be writing in this blog anymore (except for further assignments, of course. And yeah, maybe if I get feedback from some English speaking readers).

But this blog has rekindled my interest in writing, and has caused the birth of my other blog (written in Spanish), Reflexiones de un tipo con boina, which started as just the Spanish version of this blog. It shares some of its contents, such as the New Moon review (with new jokes) or the WordPress VS Blogspot tale, but it has tons of new content, such as an El Hormiguero review, my two cents in Obama’s Nobel, a tale of my own about real vampires and even a review of my blog (not written by me or any of my friends or relatives).
So,  as I don’t know when I’ll write in this blog again, I want to share this blog’s biggest secret with you… Mr. Paws identity!

“Hey, what are you doing with that camera? Back off! I said BACK OFF!!”

So, I hope you keep reading me at Reflexiones de un tipo con boina. I sure be reading your blogs. By the way, make sure you click the Lucky Day link at the top of the page. Is a nice beautiful song that I’ve been listening over and over while I wrote this.


Poll Dan Tucker

“Get out the way, you Old Dan Tucker,

you’re too late to get your supper”

Old Dan Tucker, Bruce Springsteen

Oooook eeeek eeek! It’s me again, Mr. Paws! I know, I know… You’ve missed me, but I’m back (although not in black)!

Unfortunately, I have no time to explain the reasons of my absence, but I promise that I will tell you… someday. It could be next month. It could be next year. It could be tomorrow.Who knows?


Alright, alright, I’ll tell you now, but I warn you: it’s a looooong story. I was feeling too lazy to update the blog.

Well, it wasn’t as longer as I thought it would be. Anyway, that’s it for today.

P.S.: Be sure to take part in the poll!

Well, that’s it

The Apes of Wrath: An Introduction

Hi, I’m Mr. Paws, Javi’s loyal trained slave chimpanzee. I’ve been asked to write this blog for him, since he is too busy “saving the world and all that stuff”. Just between you and me, he isn’t actually saving the world. He’s just dancing to Tom Waits’ “Lie to Me”, but don’t tell anyone.

Anyway, writing a blog is no easy task, especially when you are an ape, but I’ll do my best and, hopefully, I will earn some spondulicks.

– Mr. Paws! Stop using those old fancy words in MY blog, you filthy monkey!

– Yes, master.

– Don’t “yes, master” me! And explain your… er… MY readers what the word “spondulicks” means! It’s not like I don’t know what it means, of course, it’s just in case you don’t know. That’s right. You. Not me. No, not me.

– Umm… Yes. Spondulicks. “A slang name for money, more particularly for paper money, as “I have spondulicks,” meaning money. The name was frequently used in referring to greenbacks (United States notes) when they were the chief circulating medium.”

– I knew it. And now, go on with MY blog, you filthy monkey.

– I’m not a monkey! I’m an APE!

– Whatever. Write if you want to eat today!

*Sigh* Well, that’s it for today. Like King Kong said: Ooook eeeeek ooook ooook OOOOK!

Yours faithfully,

Paws Pawson, Ph. D

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