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Hello, I must be going

Hey! Did you miss me? Nah, I know you didn’t. Anyway, I’m here just to tell you that my spanish blog has moved from WordPress to Blogspot.

I would keep writing here, but the words required by my English teacher are 8000, and, if I’m not mistaken, we’re allowed a 10% more. I don’t want to outnumber them! So, a quick summary of where to find me:

Reflexiones de un tipo con boina (roughly, A guy in a flat cap’s thoughts): There you’ll find my two cents on movies, politics, books and much more. In addition, you can listen to my two colaborations in a Gandia University radio program, Açò hi hauria que gravar-ho.

Twitter: Your daily dose of me! Here you can ask me whatever you want. And I’ll answer your prayers, unlike… you know, the guy up there… the one with the beard.

Facebook: Keep in touch with me from the RduTcB page or my own personal page!

That’s all for now! Cheers!


Jungle is closed: A farewell from Javi & Mr. Paws

“So don’t cry for me, for I’m goin’ away
and I’ll be back some lucky day”

Lucky Day, Tom Waits
Hi, everybody. This is Javi writing. As you know, this blog was intended to be just homework for the English lessons. We had to write 4000 words on the first semester and other 4000 on the second one. With my last update, the He Was a Quiet Man review, I’ve reached (and gone over) that number. So, I don’t think I’ll be writing in this blog anymore (except for further assignments, of course. And yeah, maybe if I get feedback from some English speaking readers).

But this blog has rekindled my interest in writing, and has caused the birth of my other blog (written in Spanish), Reflexiones de un tipo con boina, which started as just the Spanish version of this blog. It shares some of its contents, such as the New Moon review (with new jokes) or the WordPress VS Blogspot tale, but it has tons of new content, such as an El Hormiguero review, my two cents in Obama’s Nobel, a tale of my own about real vampires and even a review of my blog (not written by me or any of my friends or relatives).
So,  as I don’t know when I’ll write in this blog again, I want to share this blog’s biggest secret with you… Mr. Paws identity!

“Hey, what are you doing with that camera? Back off! I said BACK OFF!!”

So, I hope you keep reading me at Reflexiones de un tipo con boina. I sure be reading your blogs. By the way, make sure you click the Lucky Day link at the top of the page. Is a nice beautiful song that I’ve been listening over and over while I wrote this.

Step right up! Step right up!

“Now you’ve heard it advertised, don’t hesitate!”

Step Right Up, Tom Waits

Hey! Are you insane enough to want to read more of my incoherences? Then check out my other blog, “Reflexiones de un tipo con boina”! It will include some of this blog’s articles, but it will also have brand new ones!

Yes, this is a pure advertisement. So? It’s my blog! I’ll write whatever I want, and you can’t stop me! Fascists! You bloody fascists! Hurm. Sorry ’bout that.

Coming soon… Twilight: Does it suck as much as they say… or does it suck even MORE? Find out in The Apes of Wrath. And make sure you suscribe to both of my blogs! You know, you just click the “Welcome to the jungle” rectangle, and you’re in!


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