Hello, I must be going

Hey! Did you miss me? Nah, I know you didn’t. Anyway, I’m here just to tell you that my spanish blog has moved from WordPress to Blogspot.

I would keep writing here, but the words required by my English teacher are 8000, and, if I’m not mistaken, we’re allowed a 10% more. I don’t want to outnumber them! So, a quick summary of where to find me:

Reflexiones de un tipo con boina (roughly, A guy in a flat cap’s thoughts): There you’ll find my two cents on movies, politics, books and much more. In addition, you can listen to my two colaborations in a Gandia University radio program, Açò hi hauria que gravar-ho.

Twitter: Your daily dose of me!

Formspring.me: Here you can ask me whatever you want. And I’ll answer your prayers, unlike… you know, the guy up there… the one with the beard.

Facebook: Keep in touch with me from the RduTcB page or my own personal page!

That’s all for now! Cheers!


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