“Well, time is always money
For all the boys on Union Square”

Union Square, Tom Waits

If you don’t understand Tom Waits’ singing/growling, click here.

Greetings! It’s me again, Javi! Wh-what? You want Mr. Paws back? Well, he isn’t available today, so I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with me.

I want to talk you about a new kind of men. A kind of men so terrifying, that the mere fact of talking about it makes me shiver. I’m going to talk you about the upcoming menace of… THE FAST-FOOD-EATING BUSINESS MAN! *insert shocking music here*

McSuit“The chances of anything coming so smart are a million to one”, he said

Yes, they’re real, they walk among us and they wear nice, smart suits. But what prevents them from eating a big, delicious stew instead of some oily, unhealthy McThings? I know what you’re thinking: “Hey, wait a minute. Maybe they are in for McDonalds’ McSalads”. Bah. You know that can’t be McTrue. Nobody goes to McDonalds and asks for a salad. Everybody goes for the double Big Mac, the one with the crispy onion, bacon, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and (in order to make Big Macs “healthy”) lettuce.

BK“And which is the chef’s recommendation?”

Here we have another of these mysterious men. But watch out! He’s not a McDonalds man… He’s a Burger King man! Who could blame him? Everybody knows that between McDonalds and Burger King, BK is the lesser evil. And, let’s face it, BK’s burgers don’t taste as much as grilled shoes as McDonalds’ do.


“I’m in a merry mood today… Business is a-boomin’, stock market is recovering… So, yes, I’ shall have some french fries as well, my distinguished gentleman!”

And, finally, we get to our last Fast-Food-Eating Business Man… this one is more of a Spaniard than the other two. He represents the old, traditional, bocata-loving percentage of the population. Look at him! He stands tall and proud, with an attitude that says “I’m a bocata man, and there’s nothing you can do to change that!”.

But, what are these men up to? “Well, if I’m not mistaken, they’re having a quick lunch, since they have a very tight schedule”, you will probably say. But you are WRONG! That’s what they want you to think! The truth must be darker and scarier. Who can prove that they aren’t aliens from outer space that are trying to study our behavior without being spotted (with little success, I must say) to, eventually, invade Earth and enslave us?

I can’t prove if it’s true. But, again, I can’t prove it ISN’T true.

Anyway, we should treat them with respect. Just in case.

We love you, Fast-Food-Eating Business Men.

P.S.: All photos are real and taken by myself in Valencia.


1 Response to “They came… FROM SMART SPACE!”

  1. 1 Tido October 25, 2009 at 13:37

    Man, now I’m hungry. Stop describing Bic Macs! >.<

    There are no McDonalds where I live, so I hadn't notices these strange business-beings. But next time I walk next around Castellón I'll take a look (there HAVE to be lots of BKs and MDs between the UJI and the train station (sorry for reminding you of trains).

    See ya!

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